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The 2023 Marc Poland/Team Joe Barr ultra-cycling camp was truly the "bomb".

World class cyclists Marc Poland, Joe Barr and technical manager Jill Mooney have distilled years of racing and cycling knowledge into a package for absorption by attendees during the all-too-short week. Good food, camaraderie and a beautiful cycling venue combine for a unique, high-quality bicycling escape.


A+ roads, scenery, and hospitality made for lots of great memories!


I’m so much more informed and aware of my body.

I’ve learned to make the most delicious porridge bread and I look forward to finding and making lots more healthy snacks and meals for myself and my family.

T.R. Performance Nutrition Client

The recipes that Jillian shares have been real winners with my family and it makes sticking to the plan so much easier when the whole family can eat the same meals.

P.J. Performance Nutrition Client

Jillian’s bubbly personality immediately put me at ease and she is very easy to talk to.

It was clear at the start that we could work together as long as I wanted but that she would expect me to gain enough knowledge to be self-sufficient after a couple of months, and that is exactly what happened.

P.J. Performance Nutrition Client

I cannot recommend these camps more highly.

Marc is an expert cycling guide with the unusual skill of catering to all levels of riders, from the elite down to day trippers and even seniors who are struggling.


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From my first contact with Jillian I knew I was on a winner. Working with her has completely changed my performance on the bike.

She is so professional and a joy to work with and I also think that the service you get is very good value.

K.M. Performance Nutrition Client 

Without a doubt I could not have accomplished my goal without Joe and Jill. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

With Jill and Joe on your team you can accomplish any goal.

H.M. Endurance Cyclist

Jill provided me with a nutrition plan to support my body during the training process. The food was wholesome, easy to make and delicious.

Jill has an amazing ability to take feedback and construct a simple and simple and effective plan to get maximum nutrition.

H.M. Performance Nutrition Client

I was a novice cyclist, a busy working mum of three. Joe designed a bespoke training plan for my ability.

He is caring, knowledgable and listened to my feedback and adjusted my programme to suit my body.

H.M. Endurance Cyclist

Working with Jill has been the single most rewarding thing that I have ever done both in terms of my weight and my mental health around the issue.

The manner in which Jill works and coaches meant that I was never alone with a question or problem, I could reach out through Whatsapp and supply information for her analysis. Which meant the work was fine tuned and adapted constantly.

Rory Clancy

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Jillian and I worked closely together for 4-5 months, fine tuning my off-bike and on-bike nutrition.

Both her fine listening skills and her continuous research were enormously helpful to me.

D.O. Performance Nutrition Client

What followed in the two months I did with Jillian can only be described as mind-blowing!

Not only did I lean up, losing 5kgs of body fat, my recovery from hard training has improved immensely.

C.D. Performance Nutrition Client

Through Jillian’s constant, gentle advice I was able to learn all about the types and quantities of food I need to perform at my best. And she did all this without mentioning calories at once!

C.D. Performance Nutrition Client

For anyone who has ambitions to take their first endurance event, or for someone who simply wants to become a better cyclist, in my opinion Joe Barr is the coach that will make the difference.

Highly recommended.

A.C. Endurance Cyclist

There is such a difference between experience and knowledge but Joe Barr in my opinion uniquely brings a vast amount of both into his coaching. 

Outside of the structured training programme, from an overall endurance point of view, Joe helped to instil in me, a real belief in my ability to achieve my goals and as he says himself, to reach further!

A.C. Endurance Cyclist

Joe Barr & Jillian Mooney ~ Two exceptional coaches who changed my life.

I felt an instant rapport with Joe and Jill, their enthusiasm, and positivity, were immediately evident. Their contribution proved to be invaluable to achieving my world record.


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