Rory's Testimonial

Jill Mooney cost me a whole new wardrobe 😊

I am a Triathlete, and I put the emphasis on ‘try’. Since childhood, I have struggled with managing my weight. I have completed Half Iron Distance triathlons with a BMI that makes me clinically obese. No amount of exercise could best my body's ability to gain and retain weight. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t magic. I have a sweet tooth and I like to eat but even on a fairly “normal” diet weight would not shift.

My background is in science, and I knew that there had to be a solution. I am not a plant and cannot take energy from the sun, so there had to be something interesting going on with my metabolism. I always figured that there were three things that it might be, Psychological, Medical or Nutritional. I had ruled out the first two. There was no emotional eating and no undiagnosed medical condition, so I needed a Nutritionist.

I first became aware of Joe and whilst reading into his phenomenal career I discovered Jill’s role and her level of expertise. I have to confess I thought that I might not be enough of an athlete for her time. That was never an issue, from our first meeting I felt taken as seriously as any of her clients.

Working with Jill has been the single most rewarding thing that I have ever done both in terms of my weight and my mental health around the issue. Jill is not simply a nutritionist she is a unique combination of Researcher, Life Coach and Counsellor. Information sources that she pointed me towards were the breadcrumbs that led me to a solution which works and works effortlessly for me.

The manner in which Jill works and coaches meant that I was never alone with a question or problem, I could reach out through Whatsapp and supply information for her analysis. Which meant the work was fine tuned and adapted constantly.

And that leads me to the bad bit. Clothes that I have worn for years are not sadly an option anymore. I am lost inside them. And for that I have Jill to thank and blame. 

I must also thank Joe because Joe’s video on failing forwards is one that I have returned to time and time again. The humility, honesty and determination in that video is what I have tried to emulate in my search for a solution.

I will work with Jill again in the future when life happens when I Try as an athlete again and my nutritional needs change, there is only one person, and I want to be the architect of my nutrition.

To anyone who is considering engaging either Jill or Joe, I could not recommend their work highly enough. 

Rory Clancy