Racing Members

As a Racing Member you likely have a season, a race, a record or a personal challenge to complete and you want to catch the wheels of Joe, Marc and fellow team members. A little draft may be just what the ultra-doctor ordered!

We have some fantastic membership benefits for you, aimed at getting you extra wattage, making you look good and giving you oodles of confidence for whatever you’ve got planned.




Race Kit

Full Race Kit comprising of a premium quality jersey, bib or shorts – all designed and manufactured by our friends at Powerhouse Sport (the folks who have clothed Joe and kept him both comfortable and aerodynamic for as many thousand miles as we can remember)

Personal Mentoring

Three hours of personal mentoring from any of the Barr Ultra Leadership Team. You can spend it in consult, conversation or specific coaching. You can use it to plan, prepare or ponder. Be creative, we really are at your disposal!

Community Hub

Access to the members only Barr Ultra community hub, our online meeting place over on Mighty Networks that will host so much of what we do. Imagine the conversations, chats, videos, live tips, presentations, etc.

Race Media

Exclusive access to some behind the scenes race media, interviews and debriefs with Joe and Marc (Jill doesn’t race!). As members of the same team you get to drop in and ask questions pre & post race.

Race Debrief

Opportunity to do a personal, one-on-one race debrief with any or all of the leadership team and your fellow Racing Members (optional) so that your race experience moves you forward.

Healthy Discount

A healthy 15% discount on Nutrition and/or Performance Coaching from Jill or Joe

Priority Invitation

Priority invitation & 15% discount to team training camps (two per year)

Complementary Invitation

Complementary invitation to attend our quarterly virtual seminars, focused on things such as:

  • Performance Nutrition Basics
  • Bike set-up, basic maintenance and mechanics
  • Fuelling for endurance
  • Race logistics – how to plan a successful race
  • How to manage fatigue and sleep deprivation

Zoom Library

Full access to our library of recorded Zoom seminars so that you can enjoy and engage at your convenience.

Member Profile

Racing Member profile on the Barr Ultra website.

Media Promotion

Social media promotion (optional) for races and fundraisers, after all we’re a team and there’s strength in numbers!

Whopping Discount

A whopping 15% discount and priority access to products from these participating sponsors (images of these sponsors)

  1. Supersapiens
  2. XeNTis Wheels
  3. Powerhouse clothing



We’re confident you’ll want to stay with us after your first year but just to grease those gears a little, membership in subsequent years drops down to £400 as a thank you for your loyalty, participation, and impact.

For that annual buy-in, we offer you continued community support, invitations to all zoom seminars and continued discounts on coaching, camps, etc. Those 3-hours of personal mentoring and race debriefs will be kept for Racing Members in their initial year.

In addition, there will be the option to add to/update your Race Kit in any of your subsequent membership years at a preferential rate.



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