Project Members

You may be a business that wants to add a little Barr Ultra vibrancy and inspiration to your brand.

You may be an individual or a business that has an ambitious goal and you know that the support of Barr Ultra would help you  achieve it.

Or you may just love what Barr Ultra offers, in particular the scholarship program, and have the means and desire to support it.



Either way, as a Project Member you’re going to be well looked after and you’ll have the option of any or all of the below benefits:

Banner Advertising

High visibility banner advertising at events plus dedicated high profile advertising space on our new website.

Logo Placement

Logo placement on Joe’s race kit and supporting vehicles

Social Media

Social media opportunities profiles, posts, and tags . We can be creative if you can too!

Bespoke Sessions

Bespoke sessions with members of the Barr Ultra Leadership Team - a perfect opportunity for YOU to think big and bold to work with us on fresh, creative, and innovative ideas that boost you and/or your brand.

Get Inspired

But if you need a sprinkle of inspiration to get your cogs turning we are crewing & running race strategy for one Supporting Member. Another is getting a complete 12-month coaching program with Joe & Jill plus a 24 hour ride with Joe. And another, well they just want their logo loud and proud on Joe’s chest.

And lastly every Project Member will brim with pride, joy, and the excitement of championing the next generation of Ultra Cyclists and endurance athletes because a portion of your support goes into funding our Scholarship Program.



Any subsequent year with us as a Supporting Member of Barr Ultra is entirely optional (and welcomed). Stay on as a Project Member, change to become a Racing Member, or head off in your own direction with our eternal gratitude.


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