Meet The Team

Your leadership team of Joe Barr, Jillian Mooney & Marc Poland have shared tens of thousands of miles together and boast an extraordinary amount of skills when it comes to riding and racing over multiple distances and terrain, fuelling and crewing, coaching and mentoring.


Joe is our inspiration. Unbeknownst to him he is dismantling many cultural assumptions we hold about aging and performance. He didn’t set out to do this by the way, he simply loves this sport, keeps training and racing and he keeps getting on the podium!

Ultra-distance is a great equaliser, the further you go the more expertise and experience count. That’s one great advantage he has over the ‘young ‘uns’ and he’s prepared, for the first time, to share all that with you.

This is his 51st year of competitive cycling. He is the 2023 ultra-cycling World Champion in the 50+ age category, a multiple World Record Holder, a Commonwealth Games Medallist, a two-time Solo ‘Race Across America’ Finisher, a two-time winner of ‘Race Around Ireland’. He’s also the World Ultra-Cycling Association President. Yep, he loves this sport.

His race achievements are many and legendary. If you have a spare hour or two, you can read through his race library here. You can also buy his autobiography, Going The Dis-tance. There’s a great chapter in there about how he meets me!



I am the woman beside (not behind) Joe. I’m also his performance nutritionist, which means a lot of work preparing and monitoring his nutrition and fuel intake. I wish I could tattoo ‘nourished by Jill’ on his calf muscle.

I’ve worked with athletes for many years now. You lot give me inspiration and keep my wheels turning by your ambitions, your personal challenges and self-belief in your capabilities. I’m just here to guide you on your path to nutritional resilience, fuel awareness and gut comfort. The holy grail of ultra!

I have a degree in Sport Science, a post-grad in Nutrition and a Life Coach certification. And while credentials are important they are not as important as the road-side experience of managing a rider day and night. Oh the fun and games when sleep deprivation really kicks in!

I’ve been called many things such as ‘Calamity’ ( I am the mishap mistress), ‘the gut whisperer’ and ‘the red bull of ultra-cycling’. Maybe I do give my cyclists wings? Or wheels? Either way, along with falling in love with Joe I have fallen in love with the sport.



What to say about Marc! We met him in 2019 and we’ve been side by side since. I call him Joe’s ‘brother from another mother’. It’s eerie, they could be twins! He is an extraordinary human being, an accomplished ultra-cyclist and Crew Chief having ridden and crewed tens of thousands of miles.

A team ‘Race Across America’ Finisher, a four-time World Ultra-Cycling Association North American Champ, a World Ultra-Cycling Association World Record Holder and a USAC Certified Coach. Wow!

He’s been running training camp’s based in the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and as a Barr Ultra Racing or Project Member you’ll get first dibs at these. Don’t miss out!

He’s a World Ultra-Cycling Association past President and current Executive Director. Yes, he’s invested significant time and effort in helping to build this sport.

He’s our great friend and one of Joe’s favourite people to ride bikes with.