About Us

Ultra-cycling is our sport but we know it's not for everyone.
It's niche, it's demanding, and it requires an uncommon mentality to do it.

Doing it well is an even bigger ask, and the 'the road' to doing it well contains many potholes, a fair amount of suffering and more than a few pesky DNF’s.


It's true that this sport can be a solitary one. Finding people with the dedication and drive for ultra-cycling is rare. Our sport boasts no clubs, few meet-ups, and no ‘racing scene’ to speak of - aside from a quick conversation or nod to a fellow competitor at the start line of an event.



Barr Ultra is a membership community that supports, on various levels, a select group of ultra-cyclists.

As you’d expect there is a cost to joining, but unlike other memberships, the cost to re-new with Barr Ultra actually decreases after the ‘initiation’ year. This is because in your first year, we’ll give you the ‘bonus' of dedicated, personal mentoring to ensure you get the MOST out of your membership.

Barr Ultra is OUR and now YOUR ultra-cycling team - a team which comes with the extra wattage of a community. A community who understands the depth and dedication it takes to go the distance.

So jump on if you can use the draft, you may just  find that Barr Ultra is the tailwind in your love affair with ultra-cycling.

Meet Your Leadership Team